For the members
The Accumulator Club is a new online football game with a unique set of playing criteria and points scoring system. We recommend that you familiarise yourself how to play and how points are scored.

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Have a read through our blog here and hopefully it will help you make your selections - Feel free to comment and communicate!

Tell your friends and colleagues about The Accumulator Club and invite them to play – You can setup a private league and establish who is the king or queen of football predictions!

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For the future partners
The Accumulator Club is the BEST Premier League predictions game around. We have created an original concept that bridges the gap between sports betting and social gaming with an exciting challenge that can be enjoyed in private leagues by friends, colleagues, sports teams and social groups alike.

The Accumulator Club is fun to play and will massively boost engagement for sports websites, media/news outlets, or any brand interested in aligning with football. Therefore, we are keen to share our passion and ideas for collaboration with investors and media partners.

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